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2018-2019 RATES

  DEPARTURES                        OHIO                                   ARRIVALS

  DEPARTURES                     FLORIDA                              ARRIVALS

  DEPARTURES                        INDIANA                                 ARRIVALS

Company policy allows each passenger to have two (2) pieces of luggage stored in the baggage compartment, plus one (1) small carry- on item in the passenger compartment.
We will accommodate extra items as space permits. The fee for items exceeding the two- pieces-per-person limit will be an additional
cost. It is your responsibility to advise the driver of any extra luggage or freight.
Larger items such as over-sized or over- weight suitcases, tubs, coolers, chairs, strollers, bicycle trailers, etc., will count as multiple pieces
Luggage items should not exceed 50 pounds per item.
It is very difficult to accommodate bicycles during the busy months of travel, so make sure
you check with the office before bringing a bicycle.
Passengers are reminded that their luggage and extras are limited to their own personal
items. Passengers bringing items belonging to persons not traveling with Pioneer Trails will pay the freight charge as listed on the back of this form.
Thank you for traveling with Pioneer Trails. Please give us a call if you have any questions at 330-674-1234 or 1-800-458-2554.

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